Agriculture IoT

Horticulture LED Lighting, Digital crop monitoring.

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Agriculture IoT

Digital Lysimeter

This platform has a collection of sensors connected to a web console that allows the horticultor to know in real time vital parameters such as:

  • Soil HP
  • Humidity
  • Soil electroconductivity
  • Temperature
  • Water flow
  • Pellet weight

This knowledge enables the agricultor to optimize his resources usage achieving reductions in the consumption of water, nutrients, fertilizer.

Horticulture LED Lighting

We have also developed LED lighting for horticulture applications. By getting the right combination on the color’s wavelength, the intensity and application time we have achieved upto 30% production increase. With excellent results like:

  • Increasing leaf size
  • Increasing plant's rate grow
  • Better results in graft process
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Better plant and fruit color

This technology can be used in many crops such as tomatoes, berries, chili peppers, cucumbers, among other vegetables and fruits. The technology is digitally managed and operated via a web console.