Facial recognition

Facial recognition technology that provides valuable information on your visitors and customers.

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Facial recognition

Technology that enables people counting, demographics, expresion, gaze, blink calculation.

Our face recognition platform allows our clients to get real time feedback of their clients on the sales floor, point of sales, product releases, events, etc. Our technology has capabilities for:

  • Body recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Hand Detection
  • Age estimation
  • Gender estimation
  • Expression estimation
  • Face direction estimation
  • Gaze estimation
  • Blink estimation
  • Specific face recognition

Our platform does not need a high wide band connection or powerful data centers for image analysis since it is processed at the edge. Our clients have access to a comprehensive web administration portal with analytics that generates customizable reports.

Our facial recognition platform is the perfect fit for the needs of industries such as:

  • Retail
  • Venues
  • Entertainment
  • Consumer goods
  • Marketing agencies