Heavy-duty Industrial IoT

Work conditions monitoring in enclosed space, machine monitoring, Machine Learning applications and more.

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Heavy-duty Industrial IoT

Integrated technology to meet heavy industries current challenges, covering security and operational solutions.

Security solutions

Large vehicle collision prevention system

Our solution is designed to prevent large vehicle collisions, commun in heavy industries such as mining. Using cameras and very efficient visual and sound aids our system can efficiently communicate with the vehicle conductor about:

  • Blind spot and collision alert
  • Pedestrian and bicycle detection and alert
  • Safe distance monitoring and alert
  • Frontal collision alert
  • Involuntary lane departure

Our platform can be installed on any vehicle. It has become a security standard for clients at industries like:

  • Mining
  • Steel
  • Quimical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Logging
  • Etc
Workers health monitoring

Our digital platform allows our clients to monitor health and psychological conditions of workers in dangerous environments. Through digital arness and wireless technology workers safety is being monitored and ensured.

Inventory / Maintenance management

Our technology allows our clients to have an efficient and resilient platform to manage inventory and maintenance processes. By identifying each asset individually through permanent rfid tags and registering and managing their activities through powerful and roughed mobile computers (Handheld, tablets) at the field.

Our platform can also optimize inventory processes, from raw material and utility warehouses to the finished product. Automating processes and streamlining inventory take time up to 250x.