Proximity Digital Marketing

In-store client digital experience / Digital tour experience. BELE contextualized messaging technology combined with Augmented and virtual reality.

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Proximity Digital Marketing (WOW)

Our Proximity Digital Marketing platform allows our clients to increase their customer engagement and conversion rate up to 1600%.

The platform sends multimedia messages (video, image, augmented reality) directly to your customer mobile phone contextualized to their micro-location and profile.

The platform uses BLE Technology (Beacons), that are low cost, low maintenance devices that provides the location context to the platform. This allows you to send specific and relevant content and use it for:

  • Contextualizaed Promotions
  • Gamification
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Security Information
  • General Relevant Information

BW’s proximity platform also allows you to create, manage and operate digital tours. By sending information to the user’s mobile at the right moment and location. The visitor will receive content relevant to their location, and the platform could also help them to navigate even in indoor locations.

The platform includes IOS and Android applications, Web Admin Portal, BLE Beacons, Support.