Chainlink health

Health institutions are currently facing challenges in efficiency, usage and security of medical personnel and critical assets. Location and traceability of adult and newborn patients is also a top priority.

Chainlink Health is a traceability platform developed specifically for hospitals that enables improved people and assets visibility. It uses a combination of RFID UHF and AoA (angle of arrival) to have real time traceability, redundancy and lower cost according to the subject and its needs. Chainlink Health can be connected through web services to any admin system that allows it. It can be deployed modulary to control:

  • Patients, visitors and providers
    • Access control, geofencing, alarms, etc.
  • Newborns
    • Mom-baby relation, real time location, movement schedule, geofencing, alarms, etc.
  • Medical personnel
    • Time and motion report, real time location, panic button, geofencing, alarms, heath map, etc.
  • Critical Assets
    • Unique identification, fast inventory take, geofencing, real time or just transitions traceability, anti-theft alarm etc.
  • Medicines and other supplies Warehouse Management System
    • Complete control of the hospital’s multiple warehouses, receipts, takeaway, transfers, inventory take etc.
  • Linens and surgical instruments
    • Unique identification, fast on site inventory take, fast allocation, geofencing, anti-theft alarm etc.
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